Why I’m Rethinking Everything

Why I’m Rethinking Everything

My heart weighs heavy. This. This is what I want my kids to know:

Power of The Meek

I want them to know God’s power. I want them to know how much He loves and how much He wants to use us to help others.

Have I done my job as a homeschool mom if they have learned reading, writing and arithmetic, but haven’t learned of God’s love? How to love others? How to love Him above all else?

But how can I teach them something I don’t truly know myself? Do I love Him above all else? Do I show His love to others? To my kids? Didn’t I just snap at them for interrupting me as I’m concentrating on writing this?

Thank God for grace, mercy and forgiveness. Thank you for second chances. For third. For ten million and twenty-third.

Guide us. LEAD us. Take us on your journey.


These thoughts brought to you by the stirrings in my heart from reading Kristen Welch’s Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Sparkly, Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough.