Wheat Free Week 1: The Good, The Bad and the Oh, So Ugly

Wheat Free Week 1: The Good, The Bad and the Oh, So Ugly

Our family is in the middle of our first week going ‘wheat free’ according to the diets listed in Wheat Belly and Grain Brain.  Read about our decision to change our diet in last week’s post, Goodbye Wheat, Goodbye Anxiety? I’m About to Find Out.

Week 1.

Oh… it’s been interesting! It was full of surprises from the store, my kids, my plate and my body.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on Pinterest and the internet, gathering recipes and looking at menu plans. I knew before I started this change that I would have to invest that time and prepared for it, so at first it didn’t seem too overwhelming.

I brought some new foods into the house to try, and didn’t replace any of the bad foods. After a week of gathering recipes, I wrote out the ‘plan’ for Week 1 and went grocery shopping.

Surprise #1 – You can spend A LOT of money in the bulk food store even when you’re NOT buying candy. Almond flour is how much? Ouch.

Surprise #2 – For the first time ever, I kind of wanted people to notice the foods in my cart while at the grocery store.

Surprise #3 – The kids rooted through the grocery bags when I got home. They loved the different smells of things and begged me to shop ‘wheat free’ all the time. Coconut – yay! Lots of nuts – yay! Dark chocolate – double yay!

Not-So-Surprise #1 – The enthusiasm lasted all of five minutes until Oldest Daughter realized ice cream is now a forbidden food and there is an ice cream social event coming up at her church club.

Surprise #4 – Son is eating good foods – and liking it! This is the boy who would not eat anything non-junk just three weeks ago, now sitting at dinner asking for seconds of the yummy salad! Dad insists it’s only because he’s hungry… lol.

Surprise #5 – Husband is reacting stronger than I thought he was, clearly showing signs of being addicted to wheat and sugars and going through a withdrawal period. I really want to bake him a real pie…

Surprise #6 – The first three days weren’t as hard as I thought they would be! I liked trying new recipes with healthy things and seeing my family smile when they liked it. Spaghetti with zucchini noodles? A hit. Applesauce and coconut flour muffins? Please make more! Almond flour and blueberry pancakes? A hit with 3 out of 4 kids.

We also tried parmesan ‘breaded’ chicken, stir fry, salad, nuts, cheese, and salad.

Eggs, salad, more eggs, more salad…

More nuts, MORE SALAD – oh boy, I’m getting really sick of eating salad…

And wow, I’m suddenly just plain tired of spending SO MUCH TIME in the kitchen.

Days 5 and 6 are getting a lot harder.

We went to the fair on the weekend and wound our way between food booths taunting us with their fried delicacies and 12 inch tall ice cream cones.

We spent time with family members, denying their offers of mouth-watering cookies and chocolate treats while we humbly munched on our own bowl of nuts and cheese that we brought for a snack.

At home, moodiness and edginess lurks in every corner in our house.

Or is that just me in my corner?

A search through the cupboards and fridge, longing to satisfy my cravings, only taunts me with more stupid nuts and cheeses and – Oh Lord, give me strength – more salad.

Okay – I’ll say it.

Going wheat-free SUCKS!

So I spend time on the computer, trying to see if I really need to cut out bananas and potatoes and rice and legumes for now… hoping, wanting to add anything else to our less-colourful plates of late.

I research ice cream recipes and check how much dairy I can really have each day.

I scramble around the web looking for information on how long it takes to really start feeling the positive results of my new diet. How long do I need to succumb myself to this torture to see if it’s worth it?

Three to five weeks.


I sit down to update the blog.

While I smell the pleasing aroma of the pork roasting in the slow cooker, I think of the 6 pounds I’ve lost in just a few days. I remember the energy I had playing baseball with my kids in the park yesterday… and how much I’ve been enjoying my afternoon walks.

Maybe it is worth it.

Maybe I’ll keep going for a couple more days.

And maybe I’ll start dreaming of bread like my husband did… 

You’ll find out next week if I’m still sticking to it (as will I)!