To Wheat or Not to Wheat? That is the… Privilege?

To Wheat or Not to Wheat? That is the… Privilege?

The last couple months have been a blur of trials and titles. Wheat-free, gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free. It all started with this post. I’ve scoured blogs, articles, medical resources and Pinterest for information, recipes and the truth about the foods we eat. But I’m shocked with what God showed me…

So what is the truth?

There are tons of articles claiming one side of the story, and just as many articles refuting them. There are people who blog passionately on both ends of the spectrum, and many who meet in the middle and tend to be a bit more balanced. But who’s right?

In the end, I can only go by the testimonies of people I know who have shared with me about their families. Like the kind-hearted lady whose whole family has been able to go off of all kinds of medications for different maladies by going wheat-free and grain-free.

Or my new friend who shared how her husband’s blood pressure and cholesterol has dropped to normal levels after only two months of removing wheat from his diet. They still eat fatty foods like bacon and butter, yet his own father continues to struggle with the same issues despite being on all kinds of medications and eating ‘low fat’, but still eating wheat.

And then of course, there’s one of the most wonderful women I know, who has dropped her insulin from 60 mg a day to just 20 mg because removing wheat and sugar has made all the difference in her diabetes.

I have no doubt that going wheat-free and gluten-free can definitely make a HUGE difference to some people. And I’m still unsure about what’s right for my family.

But here’s what God showed me…

To wheat or not to wheat is NOT the question.

It is the PRIVILEGE.

Where else in the world, in all of history and the present, can we be so privileged to struggle and wonder and worry about what NOT to eat.

Right now, people on this earth are starving to death. To death. Literally. Tens of thousands a day.

And I’m wondering if I should eat the second piece of pie or not. Or how to mix five different types of wheat-free flours together so I can still enjoy cookies and pizza dough. Pie? Cookies? Pizza?

How much would my brothers and sisters across the globe give for just an extra cup of rice?


Or a glass of clean water?

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying it’s wrong to be on a special diet in North America.

I just needed a better perspective.

Whining about cutting out certain foods in America is no longer an option. Obsessing over finding the right recipes is not the best use of my time.

We are blessed with an over-abundance of food and drink.

And I will be grateful.