How To Achieve Balance In Your Life

How To Achieve Balance In Your Life

We all know when our lives are out of balance. We can feel it in our bones and see it in our stress levels.

This past month, I’ve let myself get out of balance again. I can be on the ball with the homeschooling schedule, but  be behind on my office work.  I can have days where I get lots of work done, but then my daughter feels neglected. I can remember to eat healthy and exercise, but… okay, I haven’t remembered to eat healthy and exercise lately.

Sigh. It happens to all of us. So what can we do about it? How do we get in balance? Here are some tips:

Define what needs to balance -Remember that we are not just physical beings. We have a spiritual side, an emotional side, and an intellectual side. Remember to include all these areas when trying to balance. For me, a balanced life includes time with God, time with my family and friends, homeschooling, office work, writing, housekeeping, eating healthy and exercising. Take some time right now to make a list of your own priorities.

Take a second look at your list – How long is it? You can’t balance 30 apples on a scale that is meant to hold 20. Don’t be afraid to cut some things out. Minimalism runs deeper than just getting rid of your things.

Bring it to God – This could easily be the first point. Commit your lives to Him and let Him lead you. He will show you what needs to be balanced and what needs to go.

Start Your Mornings Right – One of the reasons I haven’t been balanced lately is because I haven’t been sticking to this rule. In addition to slowing down in the mornings, the days I experience the most balance are the days I sit down and fill out my ‘today’ form. It’s a basic routine I’ve developed that really doesn’t take long but helps me prioritize the day without overwhelming myself. Start with God, family and friends, add in only THREE things that must be done for the day, and let everything else go. Find out more about this form in the next post.

Rest on Sundays – Our bodies weren’t made to go, go, go seven days a week, all hours of the day. Taking a day of rest with no work, no schedule and no ‘tasks’ refreshes us and gets us ready for a new week. Add in church and worshipping God, and you’ll be renewed before Monday morning starts.

Leave Room For Error – don’t book yourself so full that you make it impossible to do everything. Leave spaces in between tasks. Have a break. Sip tea and look at the birds. Leave some time free to use if a task runs longer than expected. And when you mess up, don’ t throw the whole day out the window. Take a deep breath, say a prayer and get back to the right mindset.

How about you? What do you do to achieve balance in your life?