Are You Too Busy?

Are You Too Busy?

Family. Work. Church. Activities. Kids. Meetings. We all know how busy life can be. But how do you know if you’re TOO busy? My friend taught me an important lesson. A very convicting, honest lesson.

As a minimalist, my attitude about basic abundance extends to my calendar. I say ‘no’ quite frequently to events or activities and guard my family time fiercely. Even so, the ‘Mom’s Calendar‘ on my fridge fills up quite easily.

How do you choose what to say ‘no’ too? Do you compose a family mission statement? This is a great idea I’m currently working on, from Kristen Welch in her book, ‘Rhinestone Jesus‘. The idea behind it is FOCUS. Does going to this activity/event/meeting fulfill my mission statement?

If you know your purpose, the fullness of your calendar will be irrelevant.

My friend is a prime example of this. Her heart is big. She exudes God’s love in all that she does.

A few weeks ago, she was driving near our church when she noticed an elderly woman struggling to shovel the end of her driveway. A frail, old woman, shoveling our heavy, Canadian snow.

Even though my friend was on her way to drop some of her kids off at a sporting event, she pulled over and went back. Turns out the woman was desperately trying to get to the store to renew her heart medication prescription. Hello?

The kids piled out of the truck and together helped the sweet, old lady to get out of her driveway. My friend also offered her phone number, in event of future snowstorms.

That’s showing God’s love.

That’s our purpose.

If we’re too busy to stop and show God’s love to our fellow man, then we are too busy.

But did you catch something? My friend WAS busy. She was on her way to a scheduled sports event for the kids. She weighed the eternal consequences and made a decision.

Helping the elderly woman was more important than being on time for an event.

So it’s really about focus.

About choices.

Are you too busy to say ‘yes’ to God?

I know it’s something I need to work on. How about you?