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Saved by grace, supportive wife, homeschool mom, homemaker, minimalist and a country girl.

I’ve been learning what it means to get back to basics so I can go forth in abundance.

I hope you will join me in my journey!

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Here’s the quick explanation of the sections on Basic Abundance:

MinimalismTaming TechFinancesTea With The King


All things minimalistic! Decluttering, organizing, simplifying… it’s all here!

Finding Time

Are you always busy? Never enough hours in your day? Read these posts about taking time back from the time thief.

Taming Tech

Are your hours in front of technology getting out of hand? These posts are all geared towards taming technology in your life.


In debt? Always low on cash? These posts aren’t just about being frugal and budgeting. They’re about how to control your money instead of it controlling you.

Tea With The King

Getting back to the basics with God and sharing moments with Him.

Now read and go be blessed! :)


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