Why ‘Dropping In’ Is No Longer Acceptable

Why ‘Dropping In’ Is No Longer Acceptable

I remember many times as a child, where visitors just stopped by, unannounced.

It was a great time – a welcome interruption! Whatever was going on in our home immediately ceased and the adult sat down around the kitchen table, sipping coffee and eating cookies for the next hour or two while they chatted and laughed.

That was normal. It was expected… especially on weekends. If you had house cleaning to do, it happened early in the morning. Anything else you were working on could wait.

Nothing was as important as spending quality time with people, whether it be neighbours, friends, family or even distant relatives out for a Sunday drive.

Why doesn’t that happen anymore?

The answer is simple.

We’re too busy.

We’re too busy running the kids to their sports event, getting groceries, finishing that last bit of paperwork, going to meetings… doing… doing… doing…

And if someone shows up at our door unexpectedly on a Saturday morning, ach! That would be awful!

If we are at home, we’re running ragged trying to do some housecleaning and get the place in order. It would be horrible if someone showed up while everything was a mess!

Instead, we have to book our visits far ahead – squeeze it in on our calendars and make sure there’s time to make the house presentable beforehand. And that it’s not on a night where we’ve been so busy all day long that all we have the energy left for is to crash on the couch and watch television.

Let me ask you… is it really worth it?

Are all the things making you busy, really adding value to your life?

Or is this, perhaps, another lesson we can learn from the Amish in valuing people?