What’s At The Heart of Minimalism?

What’s At The Heart of Minimalism?

In a follow-up to yesterday’s post ‘4 Common Myths of Minimalism‘, we’re exploring the true nature of minimalism. We talked about the amount of stuff you can own, the colour of minimalism and what you can buy.

But these are really just the surface features of minimalism. So what is truly at the heart of living simply?

It’s About Value – Minimalism is more than just decluttering and owning less. It’s about assessing your life. What do you value most? Why? What’s truly in your heart?

It’s About More Time – Clearing out the clutter in your home is one thing – clearing out the clutter in your life is another. What’s more important? Bringing work home or playing with your children? Missing the gym one morning or connecting with an old friend? Slowing down helps you takes stock of what’s really important and adjust your schedule accordingly. Then when you do schedule something, you value its importance and live more fully in the moment.

It’s About More God – Less distractions and more time allow you to focus more on God. The rushing through five dutiful minutes of reading the Bible and prayer in the morning changes into more heartfelt, dedicated God-time that continues throughout the day. Removing the clutter from your heart gives Him more space to move in your life. And most of all, minimalism can help you give up your own control and let God lead instead. Then you also have the time and ability to follow His direction – wherever that may lead.

It’s About Being Unselfish – Living with less helps you see how little you really need to get by. Greed dies in the heart of minimalism. You’ll find you start caring more about others – about sharing more of your things, and your time. It’s living simply, so that others may simply live.

And finally, at the heart of minimalism is me – stopping this post right here, so I can put the laptop away and see my daughter’s face light up because she knows I’m watching her swim lesson with my full attention.