Since embracing minimalism,

I’ve cleared out more than half

of everything in my home..

Do I miss things?


I’ve found more…

Not just more ‘things’, butĀ more….

Minimalism isn’t just about decluttering your home…

It’s about decluttering your life.

Gospel for Asia

It’s finding more time.

Saying ‘no’ to joining another committee…

or ‘maybe next time’ to the invite…

It’s having a sudden abundance of hours to focus on your family…

And everything important.

Gospel for Asia

It’s finding peace.

Going back to basics with God and uncluttering your heart so that you start to hear HIMĀ more clearly…

And having the time to do what He desires for you…

Minimalism is about understanding what is really important…

What do I really need?

What do I really love?

It’s about understanding yourself better and embracing the wonderful person God made you to be…

Journey with me as I continue to walk out a life of simplicity.

A life that goes back to basics so that it may go forth in abundance…

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