How to Rush Less

How to Rush Less

We start school promptly at 9:00. This morning, however, I overestimated what I could get done before then.

At 8:45 the beef was still frying for my slow cooker meal.

I hurriedly turned to chop vegetables, careful not to slice my finger as I rushed.

And then I stopped.

Why was I rushing? Because school HAD to start at 9:00? Says who? Sure, that’s a great goal to have, but it wasn’t going to start without me. It wasn’t a train I was going to miss or a time card I had to punch.

The only one causing me to rush was me.

I called Daughter, announcing she would have a few extra minutes before school and she could enjoy that time doing something she liked.

Then I turned back to the vegetables and continued to chop at normal speed, enjoying the bright colours of the peppers and the crisp textures.

It changed the whole experience.

And when school did start, which was only fifteen minutes later, I was in a calmer frame of mind. I didn’t start school already being uptight.  It made the entire day more enjoyable.

There are definitely some things that we need to be ready for at a certain time, but there are also many I impose upon myself.

Today, I’m removing them.