How to REALLY Save at Costco… and WalMart… and Anywhere…

How to REALLY Save at Costco… and WalMart… and Anywhere…

I recently saw an article on Facebook about saving money at Costco. Apparently you can decipher deals based on the pricing of a product.

For example, if a price ends in “.99” then it is full price. If it ends in “.97” it’s a manager’s special… and so on.

There were other articles countering this one, challenging the validity of it. Is it true?


But for all I know it could be sent out by Costco themselves, sure to send an influx of eager bargain-hunters to their stores.

Let me tell you a secret. All those prices? Those displays? They are ALL designed to get you to spend. Think about this for a moment:

A store’s sole purpose is to get your money!

Do you want to know the easiest way to save money at Costco, or any other big box or little box store? Are you sure you want to know? You might not like the answer, but here it is:

Cancel your membership.

Don’t go.

Stay home.

You’ll save money by not throwing out the stale cereal from the super-size box you bought.

You’ll save money by not buying the car hammock that attaches to your back seat, to store more of the stuff you bought that you didn’t need.

You’ll save money by not spending any.

And you’ll have more time to do more of the quality things you love.