8 Ways Decluttering Reduces Stress

8 Ways Decluttering Reduces Stress

Does the thought of decluttering cause you stress? What if you knew the result would do just the opposite? Here are eight stress-reducing results of decluttering:

1. You’ll Spend Less Time Cleaning – Owning less stuff means you have less stuff to clean up, dust around, put away and organize. This means it will take you less time to clean your home and you’ll have less stress about finding time to get it done.

2. It’s Freeing  – Decluttering your stuff also declutters your mind at the same time. Decluttering causes you to think about what is really important and let go of the unnecessary. This thought pattern can’t help but flow over from being about your stuff, to being about your life and your thoughts.

3. You’ll Have Fewer Choices to Make – Owning less will make it easier to find something to wear, something to read, or something to watch. Even though these are fairly simple decisions, it’s amazing how they can add to daily stress.

4. You’ll Get More Time – Owning less means having less to maintain. Less cleaning (#1), less maintaining, less shopping and less working to pay for it all. This all gives you more time to spend with family, with God, exercising, being outside and enjoying life.

5. You’ll Save Money – The more you have the more you need, and likewise, the less you have the less you need. Three cars means three cars to keep maintained and repaired. Four bedrooms instead of two means extra square footage to clean, fill with furniture, and pay a mortgage (or rent) on. Plus, making the commitment to own less also means you’ll be more apt to make more thoughtful purchases in the future instead of being pulled to buy things just because they are on sale.

6. It Causes Gratitude – Owning less by thoughtfully going through your stuff and choosing what to keep helps you approach life with an attitude of gratitude. What better way to reduce stress than to be grateful?

7. Less Competes for Your Attention – You’ve heard the spiel about how many advertisements compete for your attention each day, but have you considered how your stuff might do the same thing? Even if it’s just subconsciously, clutter on your counters, tables, shelves and ledges consistently causes your brain to work overtime. Clearer surfaces promote calmness.

8. You’ll Enjoy Your Home More – Since becoming a minimalist, I’ve narrowed most things in my house down to those I need and those I love. Although I had many things I ‘liked’ before, now when I look around my home my eyes settle on carefully selected things I love. My home makes me smile.

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