3 Ways Minimalism Is Good For Your Soul

3 Ways Minimalism Is Good For Your Soul

Less stuff. Less TV. Less distractions. Less clutter. Less, less, less!

How can less give you more?

Since beginning my journey in minimalism a year ago, I’ve been finding out the answer to that question.

Here are just three ways I’ve discovered that minimalizing is good for your soul:

1. A decluttered home brings a decluttered mind – A home that isn’t full of stuff brings peace. Less house cleaning. Better finances. Less things competing for your attention around. It gives you room to breathe.

2. Simplifying means evaluating – Minimalism forces you to take a good look at what is really important – stuff, time, people, work, God. It helps you become more thoughtful about why you have certain things and why you do certain things, and prioritize accordingly.

3. Minimalism brings you closer to God – As the old quote says, “When you come to the place God is all you have, you realize God is all you need.” And although  I certainly haven’t minimized down to nothing, removing the distractions and needless things from my life has caused me to look deep down into my soul and examine what lingers there.

Instead of turning on the television to ‘veg out’, I spend time reflecting. Instead of playing computer games, I spend time reading the Bible.

I’ve been facing what’s truly in my heart and walking taller and stronger because of it.


As Joshua Becker posts on Becoming Minimalist, there are many other benefits of minimalism. If you haven’t yet, I would encourage you to step out and try minimalism for yourself.